What Is the Job of a School Counselor?

What Is the Job of a School Counselor?
Posted on 04/25/2019

Staff Writers: Angel Rodriguez Reyes, Grade 7

Siya Patel, Ammy Jensen, Minelly Viera, Siya Patel, and Thi Tu Duong, Grade 8

Interviewing Mr.Crispino- 7th Grade Counselor

Mr. Crispino likes to work at Eagle View Middle School because he is able to help kids academically, but he can still use his counseling skills. He enjoys working with the teachers because they care about students and are always willing to help them be successful. Eagle View feels like a small school because the counselors get to know each student. It is a large school because there are a lot of students to get to know. Mr. Crispino and the other counselors help students work through any types of problems that interfere with their learning.

School counselors work with students in areas such as academic needs, career choices, emotional concerns, and social issues. You can visit the counseling center during homeroom, SOAR, or Flex to make an appointment to talk with them.

Interviewing Ms. Hollar- 6 Grade Counselor

Mrs. Hollar says it is very exciting for her to get to work with a lot of students and help them with whatever the  problem they are facing.She also enjoys working with the other teachers, who are like a team. She helps students with problem they are having in school, with friends, or at home.

Combining her 10 years working at Eagle View and 12 more years in another school, she has been a counselor a total of 22 years.

At first she taught science, but she realized she likes working with students in the counseling center much more.  She really loves her job helping kids.

“We help students with emotions, feelings, problems, grades, fights--anything they want to talk about,” Ms. Hollar shared.

Here is more about the counseling center shared through a Q and A with Mrs. Fones, our 8th grade school counselor:

EVKey Staff: Is the counseling center for everybody in the school?

Mrs. Fones: Yes, the counseling center is for all the students, families, and staff at Eagle View.

EVKey Staff: How can students know if they should come to the counseling center?

Mrs. Fones: If students are feeling sad, angry, upset, etc, having problems at home or school with family, friends, or classmates, are worried about someone else, struggling with academics or study skills, having behavior problems,  have questions about their classes for next year or high school, or any other concerns they may have, they can come to the counseling center to see their counselor (so overall concerns in the academic, emotional and social areas.) Any student can ask to see their counselor at any time. Counselors will try to see students as soon as they are available.  Also, any of the counselors can send a pass to students’ homerooms asking them to come to the counseling center. Additionally, I also love to hear good news from our students so they can come to share good news about their lives as well.

EVKey Staff: Is there anything else that you think is important for readers (parents and students) to know?

Mrs. Fones: We are available to help all students and parents/guardians to address the children’s needs in the academic, emotional and social growth areas.  Sometimes that could mean referrals to outside agencies or physicians. It is our goal to do or recommend what is in the best interest of all children and their families. Counselors see students individually and sometimes a few students want to come together to talk to us. When there is a common need, we may also see children in small groups to do a few counseling or support sessions. You will also see counselors teaching ACES classes. This means Academic, Career, Emotional and Social which are the areas we address in our classes.  We are available to help parents with concerns they may have about their child. School Counselors are here to help all students grow and mature over their middle school years. We support students and families and work with all staff and administrators to create a safe and supportive environment for all students and adults in the building.

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