What’s Hoppin’ in the IMC this Spring?

What’s Hoppin’ in the IMC this Spring?
Posted on 05/02/2019

Staff Members: Thi Tu Duong and Ammy Jensen

Hop on over to the library this spring and find yourself a diverse book!

At the end of April, Mrs. Bokelman shared some inspiring information and ideas with the EVKey staff. Throughout the month, she has been posting a different poem every day in honor of National Poetry Month. She has also provided creative slides designed by her digital literacy students about diverse books to encourage cultural and personal diversity.

EV Key Member: How is it that you can quickly find the books we ask?

Mrs. Bokelman:  Sometimes, I’m familiar with the books and I just remember where they are!  But I’m also very used to using the online library catalog and can locate books quickly that way as well.

EV Key Member: Do library teachers study to be a librarian?

Mrs. Bokelman: Yes!  We have to be certified as teachers through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, just like every other teacher in the building.  Most of us also have master’s degrees in library studies. I got mine at the University of Wisconsin.

EV Key Member: Do they study books?

Mrs. Bokelman:  If you mean do I read a lot, absolutely!  I read about 100 books a year.

EV Key Member: How did you become a librarian?

Mrs. Bokelman:  At first, I thought I wanted to be a college English professor.  But then I realized my true passion was for children’s and young adult literature, and I learned that library school was the place I could study that. That’s what eventually led me into school librarianship.

EV Key Member: Do you want to read books in the library all the time?

Mrs. Bokelman:  I totally do! Of course, I don’t have time to read during the school day.  I take books home from the Eagle View library with me all the time.

EV Key Member: What are some of the special activities that have been going on during flex most recently?

Mrs. Bokelman: We had a poetry workshop with a professor from Shippensburg. That was awesome!  We’ve also had activities led by Eagle View Students: origami by Evan Danley, and coding by Adil Aziz, that were both super successful.  Building with cardboard (which Mr. Souder and Mr. Beard helped with) and making vision boards (with Senora Blouch) were also lots of fun!

EV Key Member: Which books are your favorites?

Mrs. Bokelman: I have so many; that’s always a hard question.  My recent favorites are anything by Jason Reynolds. In the last 20 years:  Doll Bones, by Holly Black, and When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead.  My favorite book growing up was probably Watership Down, by Richard Adams.  I’m also a huge fan of Nikki Grimes, who was our visiting author this year!

EV Key Member: How do you manage the middle school library?

Mrs. Bokelman:  Well, first of all, I certainly couldn’t do it without the amazing Mrs. Lupfer, our fabulous library aide!!  It’s always a matter of prioritizing and time management . . . figuring out what is the most important thing to do at the moment.  When a student comes into the library and needs something, whether it’s help with finding a book or assistance with a project, that is almost always priority number one at that particular moment!  We do everything else … ordering and processing books, assisting teachers with research and resource requests, planning events and activities, shelving and mending books, and all the many other things we do, whenever we can find time or after school.

EV Key Member: Do all librarians teach Digital Literacy?

Mrs. Bokelman:  No. Librarians’ responsibilities can vary a bit from school to school.

EV Key Member: Do you care a lot about books?

Mrs. Bokelman:   YES! And books help US care about others.  It’s true! Research shows that people who read a lot become more empathetic and caring.  

EV Key: What has been your favorite book?

Mrs. Bokelman: Since I can’t pick an absolute favorite and I already talked about some of my favorites earlier, I asked Mrs. Lupfer.  She said she loved A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park.  Great choice, and I bet many Eagle View students would agree!
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