EV-Thon at Eagle View Middle School

EV-Thon at Eagle View Middle School

Staff Writer: Aparna Raghu, Grade 8

First Annual Mini-Thon

Eagle View is hosting its first ever Mini-Thon tomorrow, March 1st! The excitement has been boiling over this past week. As you might of heard, on the morning announcements, students were able to compete in a series of challenges to earn themselves a free ticket to Mini-Thon-a splendid opportunity. This year Mini-Thon will include a pickleball tournament and game truck. Tickets were selling all this week in the morning and during lunch. Getting in the spirit, lots of kids ordered t-shirts which also was money donated towards the fund. All this talk of Mini-Thon is interesting, but why does all of this matter?

History and Legacy

The foundation of Thon started in 1969 when Christopher Millard, an innocent victim of Cancer was admitted in a hospital. During Christopher’s journey of battling cancer, he had written an inspiring story about a knight who goes on a quest to find four diamonds which represent a quality: courage, wisdom, honesty and strength, the four qualities the knight needed to escape the evil sorceress. Chris’s parents realized these 4 things were necessary to fight cancer. Unfortunately, Chris passed away in 1972, but Chris’s parents made a great decision to keep Chris’s legacy going. They founded Four Diamonds.

Present Day

Four Diamonds and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center entered into a charter with the goal to help kids with conquering cancer through intensive support and advanced medical research. Four Diamonds and the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) united For The KidsTM when THON named Four Diamonds the sole beneficiary of all fundraising activities. Today, THON has raised more than $167 million in the fight to conquer childhood cancer. In 2017, THON and Four Diamonds celebrated 40 years as Partners In The Fight.


You, as an Eagle View student can com to Mini-Thon and celebrate and have lots of fun while you are supporting the cause. Even if you can’t donate much, less is more than none. So, come out and support the estimated number of 11,091 kids who may suffer from childhood cancer this year (2019). You are putting forth your money, for something that truly matters.
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